Sunday, December 9, 2012

Limecrime Alchemy Palette

Greetings, Beauty Fans!

Just recently picked up this palette online at a Black Friday sale, and although it was billed as all duochromes, I'd say maybe two of these shades are actual duochromes. And by duochrome, I mean, having more than one distinct shade, and changing shades in different kinds of lighting. Actually, my Tarte We Wish You Wealth palette has more true duochromes than this baby, but can you buy that anymore? Nope. Sorry, guys.

The purple one from Limecrime Alchemy, aka Love Potion #9, definitely is. And so is the green one, Lucky Charm. I love duochromes, and I wished it had been as advertised, but I still say this is a nice palette with some cool shades. I put together this quick look using spellbound and divination on the lids and Divination in the crease. It's a little unusual, and probably needed a bit more grounding with some dark eye liner at the lash line, but who isn't pressed for time when getting out the doors during this busy holiday season?

I must say, Limecrime's packaging is ridiculously cool, and I adore the way it looks all Harry Potter and magicky. Bully for them, and thanks for feeding my inner aesthetic dragon. You have a fan for life, Limecrime! Have I failed to mention I love magical and occult lore? Well now you know.

Hope you enjoy my photos of the thing itself, swatches and my look below!

Love, BeautyJones

Divination on my thumb

On my lips: Adore Revlon Just Bitten Balmstain

Smize, Baby, Smize!


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