Thursday, August 30, 2012

BeautyJones in Britain London Haul Video

Live from a London Pub. Or at least it was live from a previous recording.

So much fun hitting a drug store in a foreign country, and getting a chance to try some of the products the Pixiwoos are on about! More later on this!

Love, and Cheers!


Monday, August 27, 2012

I'm Baaa...aack! FOTD with Lovesick BalmStain


Back to Business...and Basics, a FOTD

When I first started this beauty blog, FOTDs, or Face of the Day, was almost all I did! And I still just love putting on a fresh new face in the morning, photographing it, and writing down how I did it.

Back from the big trip to Europe, and I didn't want to be depressed, like, poor me, I have to go back to work, so I put on the brightest dress I own right now, this hot pink number from Title Nine. It wicks and it's comfy, but it makes a splash.

And, although I'd bought all this cool new stuff, I had an unopened Revlon Just Bitten Balmstain in Lovesick in one of my drawers. The hot pink lip! Great for Fall, said one my September magazines, so here goes. It's pretty bright, which means, I love it!

Since I couldn't take it on my trip, I thought I'd break out that trusty Anastasia Brow Express kit with the little stencils. Stencils are good when your hand might be a bit jet lagged, along with the rest of you. The Brow Express kit has a great shimmery highlight color and a slightly darker matte shade of shadow so you can create just a very subtle eye, like one Marilyn might have used with a bright lip.

I deepened this with the Wet n' Wild Petal Pusher palette, the Eyelid, Crease, and Definer colors on the right side.

Wet n' Wild Petal Pusher Eye Palette
These eye shadows have a buttload of fallout, but the colors are so pretty. All you have to do, in order to deal with the fallout, though, is not to put on the your foundation and concealer before you are done using them. One small adjustment. So worth it, with all that pigmentation for like five bucks!

Ooh, yeah!
So here's the looking down shot!

Yay! You likee? I love the way the super-bright lip makes the burgundy shades on the eye seem almost neutral.

Good to be back! Thanks for reading!


Back Home but no WiFi

Got videos to edit, and Hauls to share, but due to an outage, I only have 3G at home. Here are some pics of what was in my makeup bag on this trip.

There was a heat wave in Rome as a result, I am now a huge fan of smashbox Photo Finish primer. Also, under the eyes, Dermablend concealer sealed with Bare Minerals Bisque was super effective.

In London, bought some great stuff at Superdrug and Boots, and splurged on one Chanel Illusion d'Ombre cream shadow. Added a shimmery taupe and a bronzey green cream shadow to my collection. Got a few Bourjois shadows.

Kiko in Rome was so much fun! Total makeup candy land and so reasonable! Got lots of fun new nail polish colors to play with and a gorgeous Origami palette with soft matte neutrals and greens.

Gained some weight eating pastry and pasta fried zucchini flowers and cappuccini! Saw some great plays in London and some gorgeous palaces in Rome.

Once my WiFi is back up and running, I'll have much more to share!



Tuesday, August 14, 2012

London Beauty Shopping: Sleek Makeup Palette


Sleek i-Divine Palette Limited Edition in Glory 787

I fear I am way late to the party on this one, but I am geeking out on it! The colors match the color of the London Tube lines! They match the colors on that iconic gorgeous Tube map that is a graphic designer's dream. I am. Geeking. Out.


For those of you who don't know, the London Tube is the London subway, and it is a marvel of efficiency. You can get anywhere you want to go within the city on it. It helped immeasurably with the huge challenge of handling the Olympic hordes. Oh, L.A. take note. This is a real metro system. I want one in my home town. Rome, your metro is also paltry and inadequate compared to this glorious behemoth. But I do get that it's hard to build more Metro when everywhere you dig you disturb millennia of history.


Hmm. I think I'm still pretty jetlagged. :)


The only colors that are not named after a Tube line in this palette are still themed to the Tube. The palest, which, I'm sorry, it's hard to read in my photo, is simply called 'Tube.' And then there's a nice cool gray called 'Platform.'


I need to do a vid on this and swatch all the colors. But seriously, the Jubilee color is silver. Silver like the Jubilee line. Am I the only one? People! It's like, the snozzberries taste like snozzberries! Cool!


I know I already posted today, but I had to share this with you wonderful folks!


Here are images of the Tube map, and a close-up of the map key, and above you see a yummy image of the shadows, with the cellophane that came with the palette with all the names listed. One quibble, though. How am I going to throw that out? I must throw it out, but then I won't have record of all this cleverness right there in the palette. I know Sleek wants their packaging to be, well, sleek, but how about one of those color charts with the names on it on the back of the palette? Or, well, they wouldn't want to pay for this, but how about printing those names on the plastic insert that holds all the pans? Such a small quibble, though!



This, by the way, is why eye shadow colors must be named! So it is writ in the big book of How to Make Awesome Makeup! Please, oh wonderful Inglot, hear my prayer!


Or maybe it's not jetlag but all the Shakespeare I am seeing this week.






Monday, August 13, 2012

5 Summer Bright Beauty Tutorials from YouTube

Hi, Guys--

I'm in London, and unfortunately, my husband isn't feeling very well, so although I've edited together a minimal makeup look video and I am definitely going to do a quick vid on my makeup kit for this trip, I haven't yet had time to pull these together.

But since it's almost halfway through August, and we're already seeing lots of sneak peeks of this Fall's sophisticated and muted looks, I thought I'd do a roundup of my favorite summer bright YouTube vids, while we still have some summer left, and you can put them to good use!

NikkieTutorials Summer Ombre Lips

You know I love Nikkie. Such a great makeup artist. Frickin' hilarious. Here's her pretty take on the ombre makeup trend, on lips!

Green & Taupe Drugstore Makeup Look

Alli does such subtle looks that are great for blondes. This is the brightest eye look I've ever seen her do, and if you are afraid of going too out there but still want to try brights, here is a great place to start! Plus, what's not to love about drugstore products that give you great makeup value? Nothing, in my book!

Sam from Pixiwoo does Aqua Lids

This spring and summer have been all about the colors aqua and mint for me, and here's the gorgeous Sam of Pixiwoo doing a soft wash of aqua on her lids. Can you rock it? Try it. If anything, this one will teach you a lot about how to blend your shadow to create a soft gradient of color.

TiffanyD Does Turquoise Eyes

Here's a look for gals who are ready to go bold with their eyes! TiffanyD has terrific technique and I've learned a lot from her. Check it out! This turquoise eye look is very wearable and not at all drag. Turquoise is such a great resort color. She shows here how important it is to anchor any bright with neutrals.

Robin Moses, Ladies and Gentlemen!!!

OMG, I love the nail art trend, and this lady is like Rembrandt! Her technical skillls are ridiculous, but I still feel I can learn from her. You don't have to be an amazing artist to achieve great nail looks. Just the right tools, and lots of practice. Here a fun stripey look using bright colors, with some flowers thrown in for a summery touch!

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Here's what I'm bringing to Europe!

It's going to be raining and in the 70s in London, and blazing hot in Rome. Plus we might make it to the beach and swim in the Mediterranean.

I've got my carry-on and my Tumi backpack. My iPad is coming with me, and my camera connectivity kit, and iMovie for iPad so I can take and edit Vids and Vlogs!

I've got Rick Steves London and Rome books on the iPad, aka, My Precious. Had it over a year and still obsessed. Get the real deal, People!

Marmot Shell with removable bolero, Union Jack umbrella, Target leather belt
Von Vonni convertible dress in red, inside this cute leopard print bag
 The Von Vonni transformer dress was recommended in a NY Times travel section article, and now that I have it, I'm afraid of all the ways you are supposed to be able to wear it. We'll see if all those cray cray possibilities defeat me and melt my brain.

Von Vonni Transformer Dress - Azure, Short
Von Vonni Transformer dress in option #352 out of Infinity

Lori Greiner Makeup Bags packed with product. Like to the gills, man!
I plan on doing a video on what's in here. If it doesn't explode over Indiana.
Dakine Pencil case with Pens, Moleskin journals, and Caran d'Ache Acquarelles Pencils, Simple Exfoliating Face Wipe and CVS Makeup Removing Wipes
I'll need to be drawing and sketching things when I'm in pretty places. I brought a brush with a reservoir you can fill with water. The aquarelles just need a bit of water to change from crayons to watercolor paint.
Disney Tri Team running hat and Vibram 5 Fingers Running Shoes - they pack so small!
 I wanted to pack things for my athletics, but regular running shoes are so huge. Pack those, and there goes your space! So I trained myself to walk-run in these. They are comfy and can be machine washed. Once you do, they dry in just few hours in a climate like L.A. Not too sure about London, but these will work.
Forever21 Tanks, Joe Fresh black sequin tank, Free People copper sequin tank
 I'm seeing a lot of theater in London, so I need comfortable clothes with a bit of sparkle. I can layer the cotton tanks under the others for different looks. I have a comfy black skirt with an undershort to pair with these
Veer gray jersey camera graphic scarf
I'm not bringing a lot of jewelry. I may only wear one necklace and one set of earrings and one bracelet, so I need accessories like this scarf to give my outfits some richness.
Forever21 Union Jack Graphic Tee, Black running
London. Union Jack. I got a bit obsessed with the British flag during the Olympics and it's still working for me. I can sleep in this, and later, in Rome, when I'm more casual, just throw it on to walk to the Campo de' Fiori to pick up some cheese, bread, and prosciutto.

This is a cotton black slip dress with a tie-dye strip at the bottom, a blue cap sleeve sheath dress, and my A-line black skirt
So I'll take pictures of my outfits as I go and post them here and on my tumblr site.

Enjoy your August, everybody! Let me know about your travel plans and reply with your own travel tips!

Love, BeautyJones!

Monday, August 6, 2012

Local Spot: Le Pink & Co.

I love my Sephora, my Ulta, and let's face it, I haunt my local CVS, especially on Fridays, when the new product launches go out.

But I am a huge fan of the small unique beauty shop, where walking through the door is like starting a treasure hunt, where, if you find something you like, you better pick it up, because you may not see it again.

So, although my head is just full of what I need to pack for London and Rome, I'm sharing a few pictures of my latest trip to Le Pink & Co., the charming apothecary shop in the heart of Silver Lake's Sunset Junction.

Side by side with cult coffee shops, diners, vegan places, a new hot currywurst joint, the premier comic book shop in L.A., and the best gelato place in town, is Le Pink & Co. If you are looking for a nice hostess gift, they've got your gorgeous candles with exotic scents, and your lovely European bath products. They even have a few men-only skin care lines. It's all beautifully displayed, and above the shelves and in the window you'll see sweet tableaus using vintage beauty and apothecary products. Their skincare lines include the likes of Dr. Hauscha, but seek out their more unusual choices like Éminence Organic Skin Care.

The pretty sales girl gave me 4 generous samples of Éminence's Rosehip Whip Moisturizer, Stone Crop Whip Moisturizer, Wild Plum Eye Cream, and Yam & Pumpkin Enzyme Peel. She was smart to give me these, because they all smell so lovely and feel like they are really working. They are by no means cheap, but not overly pricey for fancy skin care lines. I'll be picking me up some of these when the samples run out.

In terms of cosmetics, you'll find Lipstick Queen, Nouba, and more. And, again, it's the independent lines, the hard-to-find stuff, and you can swatch and try it all from the cute displays on the center table.

There are adorable makeup cases and bags, too, shaving lines for men, Marvis toothpaste in lots and lots of flavors, and the kind of perfume selection you just can't find in American department stores and chains. 

The perfume selection here is the jewel in the crown of this little indie shop. Come here just to try a few. Only in France, and, OK, in the French Pavilion at EPCOT, truth be told, have I seen some of these brands. These days it's so easy to find yourself wearing what everyone else has. Issey Miyake? The gal on the next floor is sporting it. Miss Dior? Your yoga teacher wears it out on a Saturday night. But how about something called Bois Farine, or something from Artisan Parfumeur or Mistral? These are more unusual, and so will you be when you wear them.

I also appreciate the sense of fun in Le Pink & Co. They carry a full line of old time candy! You could come here and put together the ultimate gift basket of beauty, skin care and bath products for your mom or your best friend or your boss, and top it all off with a sleeve of Necco wafers!

Recently Le Pink & Co. has tricked out a back room and added a suite of salon services including facials and waxing.

So come check them out. Let's keep places like this going, people! They make shopping much more interesting and take us outside the big box store and the chain. They show us fresh new ideas in beauty. And what could be wrong with that?

Le Pink & Co.
3820 W Sunset Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90026

Coming Soon....

I'm working on photos and videos of my makeup bag for London and Rome. I want to show you my whole wardrobe. I've had to add one pair of heels, even though I really hate heels, but I needed a pair of closed-toe shoes for rainy old London. I picked up a pair of black Danskos. I'm going to need waterproof options for makeup because I'll be at the beach, and I'll be going from cool and rainy to hot and sweltering. Hopefully I can some swimming in at the shore in Cerveteri, Italy, in the Mediterranean. I know those of you not looking forward to a vacation as special as this must be hating me right now, but it's been 3 years now since I've been to Europe, which is way too long! I love Italy so much it hurts, and I just can't wait!

I'll be looking for unusual cosmetics and new-to-me products wherever I go, so I will be sharing some terrific stuff with you here on this blog in the coming weeks! I'm only bringing the iPad with me—no laptop, so I can travel light—and I'll be using iMovie for iPad to edit videos, and upload blog content.

If you want the download on my European vacation, be sure to follow me in all the places I can be found:


Have an awesome Monday, Everybody!

Love, BeautyJones!

Friday, August 3, 2012

No Raccoon Eye Video for My Mom

Recently I had a chance to visit my Mom in NYC and have dinner for her birthday. We got to chatting about makeup, and she was asking about how to put on eye makeup so it doesn't move around and streak downward to create that dreaded Raccoon Eye.

I realized that since I got serious about beauty blogging in March, I've been doing lots of research on this, and have come up with some pretty good tips and helpful products.

So here's my video on this.

Apologies if I'm whining too much about the heat in my office during the vid. Could have been a hot flash. Who knows?

Anyway, Mom--This one's for you!

And Lovely Readers, I hope you enjoy and I hope there are some pointers in here that help you out a bit on that never-ending quest to keep your makeup looking fresh all day long!

As always, please let me know how you liked this, and feel free to share in the comments below!

Let me know, too, if there's a particular product or technique you'd like to know more about. I feature lots of my drugstore favorites here. The only hard-to-find item is the OCC Lip Tar, which you should really check out. I got mine at The Makeup Show LA, but you can buy them online, too. I also love my Wet n' Wild palette. All those fun subtle shades with such strong pigmentation. This look is great for every day wear, too.

And don't forget to subscribe to my YouTube Channel, and to this blog on Bloglovin, or in Google+, or in the RSS Feed Reader of your choice!

Happy Friday!