Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Rescued by Revlon Fire & Ice

 Some days you just don't have that much time to get ready. Yesterday was like that--one of those scattered Manic Mondays when you just don't want to get going, and nothing in terms of makeup seems particularly inspiring. But like a superhero, here comes Revlon's Fire & Ice to the rescue!
 This is a pretty subtle application of the Red Lip. It's really only working as a stain here, but I find that just that little touch of red brightens up my whole face. Revlon, Revlon...how slowly you unveil your secrets.

How to get it? Just take the lipstick and tap it lightly inside your lip line until you have some nice even but thin color, then blot with a tissue. So simple, and the light application makes it easy to control. And you don't end up looking like Bette Davis in What Ever Happened to Baby Jane?
 I paired it with the bright coral shade from my NYX Butt Naked Palette on cheeks, a pretty strong brow pencil application, using Anastasia's Brow Wiz in Ashe Blonde.  There's just a touch of Loreal eye quad gold and gleaming white shadow, and nothing to contour my eyes here.

I could have taken much more time on my eyes, but I'm finding that if I emphasize the upper lash line with some black pencil tightlined and then above, with a flick and fill it in so the line gets thicker, it really lifts my face.

Julep's Maven test is right about me, I am sort of American Classic, or at least, that's what seems to look best on me.
Revlon's Fire & Ice Ads

Revlon's Historic Lipstick Shades

Unlike the day 2 weeks ago when I went nuts trying to keep a bold red lip going all day long, and had the fun of watching folks at the office do double takes at my lips, this looks blended right in, and yet it still felt a bit striking. Just a touch of Monday morning panache.

Yes, you've seen this red blouse before. I think I got it at Macy's and it's INC. This line of theirs is full of great office wear staples and I suppose if I were more practical and less of an inner hippie I'd shop in that department much more. I thought I'd top this blouse with a nice black vest, to give it some menswear flair, and to make it look like I don't have only one red blouse in my wardrobe. Is that such a crime?

One thing you start to learn from photographing yourself just about every day is what looks good. So here's what I've learned so far:
  • Red's a nice color on me.
  • My brows need some emphasizing
  • Black liner and mascara works best when I'm pressed for time
  • Bright lips work best on me, as opposed to pales shades like pinks and nudes
Some of these points are surprising.

So, Dear Readers, why don't you try photographing your morning out the door looks for around a month and see what you learn.  Let me know how it goes. Kind of a fun exercise.

Today is Tuesday. Maybe I'll try Revlon's Persian Melon (a bright warm pink), and see if I can get that kind of icky Moon Drops sense memory out of my brain. (I'm talking about the slightly floral scent the Moon Drops formula has, that still calls to mind my Aunt Diana's old cigarette butts.)

Have a great day, everybody!

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