Monday, August 13, 2012

5 Summer Bright Beauty Tutorials from YouTube

Hi, Guys--

I'm in London, and unfortunately, my husband isn't feeling very well, so although I've edited together a minimal makeup look video and I am definitely going to do a quick vid on my makeup kit for this trip, I haven't yet had time to pull these together.

But since it's almost halfway through August, and we're already seeing lots of sneak peeks of this Fall's sophisticated and muted looks, I thought I'd do a roundup of my favorite summer bright YouTube vids, while we still have some summer left, and you can put them to good use!

NikkieTutorials Summer Ombre Lips

You know I love Nikkie. Such a great makeup artist. Frickin' hilarious. Here's her pretty take on the ombre makeup trend, on lips!

Green & Taupe Drugstore Makeup Look

Alli does such subtle looks that are great for blondes. This is the brightest eye look I've ever seen her do, and if you are afraid of going too out there but still want to try brights, here is a great place to start! Plus, what's not to love about drugstore products that give you great makeup value? Nothing, in my book!

Sam from Pixiwoo does Aqua Lids

This spring and summer have been all about the colors aqua and mint for me, and here's the gorgeous Sam of Pixiwoo doing a soft wash of aqua on her lids. Can you rock it? Try it. If anything, this one will teach you a lot about how to blend your shadow to create a soft gradient of color.

TiffanyD Does Turquoise Eyes

Here's a look for gals who are ready to go bold with their eyes! TiffanyD has terrific technique and I've learned a lot from her. Check it out! This turquoise eye look is very wearable and not at all drag. Turquoise is such a great resort color. She shows here how important it is to anchor any bright with neutrals.

Robin Moses, Ladies and Gentlemen!!!

OMG, I love the nail art trend, and this lady is like Rembrandt! Her technical skillls are ridiculous, but I still feel I can learn from her. You don't have to be an amazing artist to achieve great nail looks. Just the right tools, and lots of practice. Here a fun stripey look using bright colors, with some flowers thrown in for a summery touch!

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