Monday, October 8, 2012

Swatch Saturday: Sedona Lace 28 Neutral Palette

Miss Pinktastic posted on this Sedona Lace palette and I ordered it right away. So glad I did. Check out my pictures.

All shadow names created by me so I can talk about the shades.


Neutral Gorgeosity
With my crazy names
Freckle-Palooza under top two rows
Bottom two rows

Nice highlight shades. Puck and Kid Gloves have some shimmer.

Blending shades. Cameo is pinker with more shimmer

Eos is a soft shimmery blushing rose. Sorellina and Citrine have shimmer. Ipanema is just a pale tan.

These are lovely shimmery accent shades. Love Bordello's velvety quality.
All great highlights for lid and browbone. Each has a light shimmer.

Mouse is a nice medium tone to help blend out a crease color. The others are shimmery variations. Love the mauvey lavender tones in Lazarus, and the shimmering
sandy colors of Maximus (Gladiator fan, me!)

These would all work in the crease for me, with Sofia on the lid because it has shimmer.
It's nice to have such an array of medium dark browns.

Toast is a nice intense shimmery brown.
Took me 4-5 passes to make Carbonara look this dark.
it's not a black but a charcoal gray with a touch
of multi-colored shimmer.

  • This palette has every neutral shade you might need, with nothing too brilliantly shiny. Even Mab and Bordello and Sofia, the ones with the most shimmer, are pretty subtle.
  • These are full-sized eye shadows, not the usual tiny dime sized domed pots, so you can get your brush into them and cover more area quickly.
  • The colors aren't named, making it hard to remember and recreate looks you made on the fly
  • Some shades seem very similar to each other
  • Shades could be a bit more pigmented
  • Arrangement of shades could be more logical, i.e. shimmers separated from mattes; warm grouped together, cool grouped together.
  • Very good value. Currently it's 14.95 on Sedona Lace's website.
  • Great neutral starter set
  • Great addition to my kit!

Cheers, Beauty Fans!

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