Friday, November 9, 2012

Rainy Day Blues FOTD

Maybelline Eye Studio Color Tattoos are a great way to go with your eye look when you don't want to wait for your eye primer to dry. They act as their own eye shadow bases, but with color, so you can use them to anchor powders. I have these in nearly all the colors, except for the orange one, the purple one, which I saw on a few videos gets a bit streaky.

Maybelline has put some fun tutorials on their site to show you how to use these, and you can use several of them for one eye look as I did here. Here are the steps I took for this look. You can use brushes or your fingers, but be careful with these. They set quickly, so you'll want to have something ready to blend out the edges, be it a q-tip, or a brush.

  1. Put the Limited Edition Teal, or plain old Tenacious Teal only in the center of your lids up to the crease.
  2. Put Too Cool, the frosty white color, on the inner third of your lids and over your tear duct area.
  3. Put Too Cool on your browbone.
  4. Put Audacious Asphalt, the gray one in a wedge shape on the outer edge of your eyelids
  5. Blend the edges of everything gently.
  6. Pick a doe brown to put in your crease and blend this up toward the Too Cool on your brow bones. The soft brown color anchors the blue and makes it much more wearable for day. This is a pretty dramatic look, but the brown makes it not totally cray-cray. Blend, blend, blend.
  7. If you'd like, put a shimmery blue over the top of the Teal to give it some extra excitement, although please note, I have hooded lids, so most of the time you only see what's in my crease and right at the edge of the lash line. The blue here is kind of a peekaboo color that is a fun little flash of brightness. Your makeup-loving friends will notice and say, ooh. Other folks will just say, oh, you look pretty and a touch more creative than usual. That's the idea, anyway.
  8. Line your eyes with a deep blue pencil and blend to soften.
  9. Whack on some black mascara.
  10. Apply the base and blush of your choice. I picked my mauvey La Femme one, which is a cool-toned blush, and then contoured under my cheekbones to tone it down and, well, to provide contour to my face.
  11. Lips are a warm pink shade called Cherish from Revlon's Just Bitten Balmstain line. You know I love these because they are glossy and they stain and the color lasts.

Hope you find this look fun. As you can see, I paired it with lots of cyan blue because it was a rainy day, and I wanted some brightness.

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Love, BeautyJones

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