Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Revisiting the NYX "butt" naked Palette

Say you're going back for your high school reunion and you're thinking about that guy, that cute guy you had a fling with for a few months. He was the coolest, and most fun, the hottest, that twinkle in his eye. And then you go back, and you realize he's only okay.

That describes my experience this morning with what once was my favorite palette. I'd still use this in a pinch, don't get me wrong. As you can see, it has an impressive array of neutrals, and some lovely and versatile blushes, to boot.

But it's so weird for me to realize this because I used to do my face with this thing every single day. And now I'm kind of over it.
NYX "butt" naked palette - lower drawer with blushes, contour and highlighters
NYX "butt" naked palette, top drawer, shadows. I want to reorganize this thang!

The trouble is, I've got the Viseart #1eye shadow palette now, and even better, the Mehron neutrals, too. And these blend so very well, and afford the option to create any number of subtle looks, in less time, requiring less blending. So my old friend is just not as good. The shadow colors don't make a smooth spectrum of browns and grays, and the finishes, although interesting, are uneven in their payoff. I wish they were arranged in a more logical fashion. But here is the look I made with them.

My complaint with the blushes is that they have large chunks of glitter rather than fine-milled shimmer. The thing that ruined me for these is the Sleek Face Form. Especially its highlighter, is so much more luxe. The shiny bits are fine-milled, but it's pigmented and slips onto the places you put it like a whisper. In contrast, the NYX one shouts. I do like the coral-pink blush in the NYX palette, though.

I put this Darling Girl shade on the eyelids. Gold with a green shift. I had to warm it up with Cocoa from my Mehron palette, otherwise it would have looked
a bit light a healing bruise, on my skin tone.
The smashbox brow tech to go pencil rocks, I must say! Maybe I'm going too far with the brows, like to Audrey Hepburn proportions, but I don't care. I love the romance of these dramatic brow shapes.

I find I can't go out lately without a winged out black eye liner. My fave is the Maybelline Eye Studio felt tip liner. Get you one!

So today's makeup was a lot of look, as Tim Gunn might say. One of the things amping it up was the NYX Jumbo Pencil in Milk on the lower waterline. It's very showy showgirl. Not Showgirls. Get your mind out of the gutter, now!

What do you think of this look? Ever been in love with a product, then find, after using others, that you've moved on? Tell me about it below. Let us discuss, elicidate, elaborate, People!

Did this lip with one of the Cover Girl chunky lip pencils - No. 2340, which is a catchy name - not! Very pretty color, though. Does any drugstore brand not have a line of chunky lip pencils nowadays? And seriously, is it really all that different from just your garden variety lipstick in it's old fashioned tube? But I love the cherry beet red tone. Bit of a surprise, really.

Anyway, did I mention I'm going to France next week? Hope to video, blog, and all that good stuff! Yay!!!

Love, BeautyJones!

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