Thursday, March 8, 2012

OPI Holland - "I Have a Herring Problem"

I adore blue colors on my nails. I was one of the first at the office to rock the gray polish, too, when others (later to get on the gray polish train in a big way) termed it "interesting."

I love what a blue-gray-neutral does for the skin of my hands, bringing out the rosy and gold colors there. I have reasonably fair skin, with some visible veins in my wrists and the backs of my hands. The veins appear teal-ish.

I have to thank Southern California for turning my ivory complexion almost medium. Or it could be my Mom's olive skin has taken on and beaten my Dad's Irish rosy-pale complexion in my own genetics? No matter. Enter my new favorite early spring nail polish shade, OPI's "I Have a Herring Problem."

It's as if you took the shade of my Granny's Samsonite hatbox--a cool teal blue-gray--and combined it with a submarine paint gray, and then added bits of teal, silver and orange shimmer. Sounds crazy, but is so subtle. Is the skin you find on pickled herring their color inspiration? Neato! Here are my photos.

And if someone can find me a polish color that would match the Granny Smith apple I was holding in these photos, I will be very grateful!  And I'll wear it in a post, and give you credit!

Thanks for reading. Now go have fun!

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