Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Pop Beauty Day to Play Eye Shadow Palette

Here among my collection of British things, is the Pop Beauty Day to Play Eyeshadow Palette with its cute zebra striped exterior.

I'm taking this to London (and Rome) this summer.  It was on sale at Hautelook, a shopping site/app that is rapidly becoming dangerous to me. So I got it for about $10, and there are all these great day shades, and some fun sparkly colorful night colors--blues, roses, burgundies, bronzes, pinks and greens. The day neutrals have some cool highlighting colors, like a creamy lemon, and a cool mint green.

I both like and don't like that the shadows are these narrow strips of color. Because you have to use a smaller brush, it takes longer to build up washes of color on your lids, I find. Maybe I have more lid space than I thought! The color is decently pigmented, and blends well.

Thanks to Mom for bringing back the Will and Kate cup, and to Dad for all the Alice and Wonderland ornaments and the mini British post box and phone booth.  All we need is a model of the Tardis! We do plan to visit the Dr. Who Experience while we're there in August, amid all the Shakespeare plays and good dramas, and, of course, makeup shopping at Superdrug! More on that much later!

Cheerio! Now go have fun!

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