Friday, June 1, 2012

Epic Fix: No More Raccoon Eye!

No Raccoon Eye for me today!
And, by the way, are you feeling lucky, punk?

I dread the raccoon eye like no other makeup faux pas. And something about the way I smile, or the planes of my face just makes it want to happen, so I was searching and searching for a solution.

Was I using too much concealer? No, because when I used none, the eye makeup under my eyes still moved. What if I didn't put anything on my lower lids? I still got those smudgy raccoon spots under my eyes, the stuff on the upper lids liked to transfer itself there.

Then, yesterday I tried something I'd seen lots of YouTube beauty gurus do, from Cora of Vintage or Tacky to the Pixiwoos.  And it worked.

Here's what I did:
  • Line lower and upper lash line with pencil of your choice. Smudge it or don't. I went for a bit of a cat eye look, so I didn't smudge it very much at all.
  • Find an eye shadow that matches the pencil color, and sweep some on over the pencil to seal it.
  • That's it.  That's all. So simple. Why didn't I try it before?
  • Out of focus works like Vaseline on the lens, doesn't it? (Oops.)
I ran back from a lunch walk because I was late for a meeting, and by the time I came up in the elevator I wasn't just warm, I was dripping.

My green eyeliner didn't move. It did not move.

Here's what I used:
NYX Slide on Pencil Shade
  • NYX Slide on pencil in Tropical Green
  • Crown Brush 180 Palette, Yellows/Greens/Blues/Purples in G3 (Yes, I made this name up—ain't it catchy? Please see picture below)
So, I guess the moral is, if you see a cool technique on a Beauty guru's vid, give it a shot, even if it seems to take extra time or thought. It might be a hot new technique you find you want to use every day!

I hope you guys find this helpful, and I'd love to hear your results if you try it!

The rest of my look that day was out of the NYX "butt" naked palette. Still in love with that!

What do you use to help avoid the raccoon eye or other makeup epic fail situations? What are your biggest challenges with the whole make-my-face-pretty-today thing?

Comment below and let me know!

Happy Friday, All!


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