Thursday, June 7, 2012

Wet n Wild 738 Comfort Zone Copper Look with Lime

Last Friday I arrived at CVS mid-restock, and picked up these great Wet n Wild Coloricon palettes that I'd heard Vintage or Tacky and EmilyNoel83 raving about. Love you girls, by the way!

Here's my first look, continuing this week's theme of neutral eyes with just one pop of bright color.

I used the colors on the left as labelled.  That label pressed into the shadow is a nice touch, and it means less thinking in the morning, when I am not always quite so awake yet. :)

With Flash. You can see that hint of green underneath.

Shot's a bit soft, but you can see how straight on, the copper color on the lid is subtle. So is the green.
Check out this gorgeous palette with these lovely shades.  Look at the depth of the color, and the duochrome look in almost all of them. Can't wait to play with all of the ones on the right.  Maybe I will today. Depends on what clothes I wear.

Duochrome: the magic word!

I put NYX's Lime jumbo pencil and their Slide on Pencil in 05 Golden Olive under the eye, and sealed it with the green eyelid shadow on the right. I'm a little disappointed that the green underneath didn't last until noon. Next time I'll hit it with the smashbox cream liner to see if that gives the color more staying power.

The Wet n Wild shadow is indeed pretty powdery with loads of fallout, and every time you dip in, you'd better give your brush a good tap to whack away the excess powder. But, as promised, each shade is very pigmented, and the shades are so complex, way more interesting than one would expect from drugstore eye shadow, so Bravo!

What do you think of this look? Do you like to play with color in your day look, or do you stick with neutrals?

I hope this look inspires you to try experimenting with your daily makeup. I find it really adds a touch of excitement to each day when I do that. I love color, and although I am lucky enough to have a job where I get to be creative and artistic just about every day, my makeup is something I do only for me, only for my sense of beauty and creativity.

What kinds of creative outlets do you enjoy? Share your thought below, and thanks for following along with my journey!


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