Saturday, July 7, 2012

The Value of Good Service

As a result of an internet outage at my house, I'm way behind on my blogging, YouTube video uploads, and blog surfing.

Remember when companies actually had good service? Apparently that time has passed for AT&T Local Phone Service and Earthlink. So has my time as their customer for home phone (who needs that anyway?) and DSL (since we are now switching to cable modem service, we don't need phone service). Note to big corporations. Stop wheeling and dealing and get you some customer service. Laissez-faire economics and capitalism means we have choices. The customer is always right. So long suckaz!

Turns out this is actually a pretty appropriate post for the week of Independence Day. Let me, everyone I know and love, and all of you lovely readers be free of the tyranny of bad business practices and companies that don't care about the customer experience.

Here are the products I used for my 4th of July manicure. Pictures, too!

I love my Julep America. It's so pretty and the stars are so cool. I also love the Nicole for OPI Kardasshian Courtney needs a Pedi red I used in this mani. It's so candy-like. Kind of jelly-ish and a bit sheer. But yummy with the 3 coats I gave it. I also adore the OPI designer color I used for the navy blue. It's like a soft sparkly paint you could maybe get on your Schwinn Stingray bike back in the 70s. And lots of folks have been admiring the Milani gold glitter polish I put on the end of the white.

Hope you enjoy!

I say long live competition and anti-trust laws. May we start enforcing them better soon in this country. Like, for instance, maybe individual companies shouldn't own local phone lines, since that is like water and other utilities, and is more of a public service.

God Bless America!


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