Thursday, July 12, 2012

Joe Fresh New Neutrals Palette: Pics and Video with Swatches

A few days ago I was in NYC on business and came upon a Joe Fresh store. This Canadian retailer hasn't made it to L.A. yet, so I had to check it out. I had been seeing their makeup displays on beauty blogs and admired the design.

The clothes are reasonable, and come in lots of bright colors, which look great in the clean white retail space. It's got an early Gap feel, but feels modern and young. I love the rainbow of polo shirts and shorts on white mannequins in the display windows.

I bought me a black tank top with little matte sequins for $24. Score!

And this palette. Ain't it purrty? I love the caramel and chocolate glosses with the bright pinky-coral blush shade. The eye shadows look matte at first but have just a tiny bit of shimmer. I really love the highlighter, which fills a void in my makeup collection. After watching Lisa Eldridge's latest video on face contouring, I'm very excited about what it can do, but I didn't have a nice creamy highlighter like this!

If I was doing a weekend away at the beach, I could see bringing this face palette and very little else.

Here are the rest of my closeups of the palette, and a little video in which I swatch it. Please forgive the poor quality--I was using my iPad to record so that I could edit it in iMovie for iPad and upload it from there. Trying to work out how to travel light and still blog and vlog on my London/Rome trip in August. Traveling light is so important for me or I get very cranky lugging all that stuff around. More on this as the trip gets closer.

What do you think of this palette? What are your bare bones summer beach essentials?

Here's my little YouTube videos.  I have many more videos to edit and post, so please go to YouTube and subscribe to be sure you don't miss them!

Happy Summer!


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