Saturday, September 22, 2012

BeautyJones in Rome Video

Vittorio Emmanuele Monument
Hi, Beauty Fans!

This vid is about a different kind of beauty—the crumbly, romantic layer cake of history that is the Eternal City—my favorite place on Earth, Rome!

If you haven't been, starting making your travel plans now. You can rent an apartment in the historic center for way less than you'd pay for a hotel.

Delicious caprese salad served with love by our friend Itala
Go to Sleep In Italy and click the link for Rome to start browsing. I recommend apartments in the Campo de' Fiori area, which is quiet, and off the beaten track. This time we stayed on via Falegnami in the the Jewish Ghetto, which has a rich and sometimes tragic history, great food, and remains the most medieval part of the city.

This August was my fifth trip to Rome. I first visited in 2003, and many of the great things I found stay the same there. I'm working on a PDF guide, which I'll post to this site for you to download when it's ready. This time around I found some amazing little trattorias (casual dining spots) in lots of parts of the city. I love to explore and find new places to eat, and places with views to sip cocktails.

This little video is my vlog of my Rome trip. It doesn't include everything we did, or everything that's great about the city. But how could it? The popular saying about Rome is true, "A lifetime is not enough."


And, as always, please let me know what you think!


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