Monday, September 10, 2012

Fall Colors: 3 Fun YouTube Makeup Tutorials to Try

Hi, Beauty Fans!

Here in L.A. it's blazing hot and unusually humid, but all the fall magazine ads and beauty blogs have done their work on my brain, and I'm dreaming of russets, burgundies, ochers, olives, and plums. Fall colors. Muted tones.

Below are photos of a recent FOTD done using these shades. I used the Kiko burgundy mascara from Rome for this look, and I just love it! It does make the color of my eyes look more intense, as I'd hoped!

Below I've dropped in 3 YouTube Guru tutorials you might want to try using the warm comforting gentle shades of fall.  Hope you like!

Beauty Broadcast's Smoky Looks Two Ways 

I am such a fan of Emily Noel! Her eye looks are so sexy and demure all at once! See what she does with these intense deep Urban Decay shades. Nobody rocks a pretty winged out eye look like her!

Soft Charcoal Gray Eyes and Wine-Red Lips with Pixi2woo

Tanya is adorable, has such lovely skin, and her technique is bangin.' I've been seeing a lot of soft gray eye looks on runway models, and been hoping to see one of my favorite YouTubers take on the trend. I love the way the smudged black liner is shaped. Subtle and cool. This is one I'll be watching several times to pick up the nuances.

Estée Lauder's Vivid Shine look with Nikkietutorials

I'll admit it—I'm obsessed with Nikkie's tutorials. The girl can define a crease! OMG, I love watching her. She is very pale and fair but does amazingly bold looks with so many delicious details. Look at the shine she gets in the center of the deep ultra purple lids here. Look at the gorgeous cherry burgundy pink of the lips. Yummy! Go, Nikkie, go! Also check out her Demi Lovato look here, if you want to see a truly amazing fall dark lip look.

There are so many fall looks to try, so much more to enjoy before the winter holiday season starts. Which shades do you want to try?

Here are the trends that have me going right now:
  • Dark plum lips
  • Dark burgundy lips
  • Gray eyeshadow
  • Metallic eyes
  • Burnt orange lips and nails
How about you? Let's start chatting about fall looks. Maybe it will help me feel cooler.

And if those thunderheads over the Valley don't turn into rain soon, and clear the sky of all that moisture, I may have to start think about moving to Alaska. Seriously.

Stay cool, Beauty Fans!

Love, BeautyJones

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