Friday, September 14, 2012

My Week in Faces

Hello, Beauty Fans!

Happy Friday, Everyone!

How much do you change up your makeup routine from day to day? It's risky to try new stuff. You might not get it right. You might be having an extreme moment in the morning and end up at work looking like Vampirella nowhere near Halloween.

I know folks who do the same makeup everyday, though. It's tried, tested and true, so they are really putting on their face when they are putting on their face. But if you do the same thing every day, how do you stay current? How do you stay fresh? How do you feel creative? I mean, sure, there are plenty of ways to be creative. I just happen to like doing that with makeup, among other things. So here's a week in faces in my life. Hope you enjoy!


  • I used the gorgeous Maybelline Color Tattoo in Fuchsia for the eye shadow base, and layered some amazing Inglot rosy and mauve shades over it. I blended the crease with a taupey gray, all from my Inglot Freedom Palette
  • Oh, putting burgundies and pinks on my eyelids just never gets old to me!


  • I was inspired to go gray on my lids by the Chanel runway show for spring. I usually go warmer with my neutral eye looks because I'm afraid cool shades bring out the deep pools of violet on either side of the bridge of my nose. The crease shade was a warm brown, to be fair. I do like this one. The shades are all from the NYX "butt" naked palette.
  • The deep grapey shade on the lips was a real risk. So dark. So blue. This was the darkest of the Kate Moss Rimmel lipsticks, #4. This was my fall dark lip. Oh, yeah. I'll do that again. I think the key is balancing it out with some warm toned blush. This is the tried and true terra cotta shade from good ole NYX "butt" naked.

  • This is a page out of my usual playbook. The navy eye liner and fuchsia lip is pretty usual, and it work.
  • On the lids and in the crease, I used my new Kiko Origami palette in the greens, and I'm afraid my use of them made my eyes look a bit bruised, which wasn't so great. Gotta try that one again, and keep the greens near my lash line. Browns in the crease. When in doubt, browns in the crease, I'm-a-thinkin.'


  • Loved the way the soft gray lining my lashes made my eyes look
  • Needed to take more time to blend the shadow, because, "Damn!"
  • Pink lips. Me. Typical. It works.

  • I used the Cinema Secrets pencil in Ruby over Two Faced Lip Insurance. The pencil costs $2, people! Get you one of these! So pigmented. Such a pretty cherry red. I put Revlon Balmstain in Adore over the top. OMG, I love bright red lips. Love.
  • So, Urban Decay 24/7 Pencil in Perversion is every bit as powerful as I hoped it would be. Like the makeup equivalent of the Samurai sword. It doesn't move. It feels creamy and smudges like a dream. It's so intensely black.
  • This face and Monday's are my favorites.
What do yo think? Comment freely below. Discuss!


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