Wednesday, February 13, 2013

30-Day Makeup Challenge Day 3 - Glitter

This is how I show my glitter, Baby!

Busted out my Chanel Illusion d'Ombre on the lids, which is frankly, some pretty astounding stuff. My shade is called Épatant, and I looked it up, and, loosely translated, in English, it means, 'Awesomeballs.' Seriously.

This shade is silvery, and has lots of superfine glitter, and sticks very well, and has this spongey texture. I guess all of these Illusions d'Ombre have that. The color at first looks silvery gray, but it also has a bit of cool blue and green in there, which is very refined. It just does not disappoint.

I put some NYX glitter cream palette glitter over the top, which did flake off a tiny bit, but most of it stayed very well. I used the red gold and yellow gold glitter colors, just in the middle of my eyelids.

Considering how glitter is usually considered way too glam to work for day, I'm super-pleased with how today's glitter challenge went. I even got compliments on the look from coworkers.

Here are the other products I used to get this look:

skin79 Triple Function BB Cream, Orange - too light, so I add some Dr. Jart BB Cream in super medium dark.

Sleek makeup Face Form in Light - this is all you need for the cheeks - highlight, Nars Orgasm dupe blush, and neutral contour.

Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balmstain Endlessly Named in Honey - love this stuff, but really, brevity is the soul of wit, people. Edit your product names, wontcha?

Maybelline Super Plushy Plush Mascara - this does clump a bunch now that I've had it a while and it's setting up a bit.

StarLooks December Palette. I used the matte burgundy shade, middle row, second from the left, in the crease.

So I'm having fun with this challenge. Tomorrow, smoky eye look. Okee dokee!

Love, BeautyJones


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