Monday, February 18, 2013

30-Day Makeup Challenge: Most Creative!

To do my "most creative" makeup I started with a stark white face using Cinema Secrets white and went for a look that is kind of Mrs. Lovett meets Kabuki meets Cirque du Soleil. It was fun! I just love playing with bright colors. I challenged myself by starting super-garish and then blending and adding and layering until it sort of worked. Here are a bunch of photos.
I used the dark violet shade from this Sleek Acid Palette on the outer third of my lids.

I started with Miami on the middle third of my eyelids.
This is the Crown 180 Kaleidescope Palette. I really love messing around with it.

I used a blue, a green and a violet from this Crown 180 Palette on the lids
below the crease.

I used an Anastasia brow stencil and filled in with the super bright coral pinky-red,
then did the top half with a warm gold. Both are in the photo below.

The brightest color here is on my eyebrows. I think colorful brows are fun when you're going for a super-crazy look.

I really enjoyed using lots of colors on my lids. See the turquoise,
voilet, aqua, green, and plurple? I used a Limecrime liquid eyeliner on the upper lash line, too.

I got this lip with a Milani retractible lip pencil in the darkest plum. Then I added a Milani Haut Flash purple glittery gloss. I love Milani products. See the turquoise pencil under my eyes?

I used my La Femme Coral blush as a contour under the cheekbones
and around the hairline.

These false lashes are the Ardell Wild Lash line - they are feathers with cobalt-blue spots. I believe these were so popular that you can't even get them online!
Glad I'm not the only drag queen out there.

What's your most creative thing with makeup? Please share below!

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