Thursday, February 28, 2013

30 Day Makeup Up Challenge: Day 12 Your Choice

Since today was my choice, I decided to use a product I have hardly every used, although I love it! The Naked Cosmetics Harvest Moon Collection.

I used #06 all over my mobile eyelid—you know, the part that moves, that covers your eyeball. In the above picture #06 is in the middle, but this picture is pretty good because you can see that its base is a warm sienna brown, but it has a green gold shift. I applied this with just a touch of water, so it looked pretty strong and foiled. Kind of like that dragon fly wing color I love. The rest of my eye was neutrals from the Mehron palette, and then I finished it off with a pink Revlon Just Bitten Balmstain.

Hope you like! I love duochromes!

Tomorrow, the 4-color challenge! Come back and check it out.

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