Monday, May 14, 2012

Face Chart Favorite: Gold Eyes, Fuchsia Lip

My Thursday Look, A bike to work one!
Gold eyelids, neutral gray-brown crease, matte ivory on the browbone,
and fuchsia lip, with lots of contour
 Now that I'm biking to work 3 days a week -- something I'm doing in May, and some of June, it's a special challenge to change it up with my makeup. I only have a few little palettes at work in my desk.

The NYX nude on nude palette is great for this, though, because not only are there loads of neutral colors for the eyes, there are lots of glosses, which I have been mixing together on my lips, too.

For this eye look, I used the gold on the bottom row on the lid to the crease, a touch of the sparkly brown bottom row, second from right, and the top row left ivory shade on the brow bone. Some Maybelline Great Lash and some MAC Graphblack pencil finished the eye out. I even used one of the browns on the top row to define my brows.

For the lip I used the second shade from the left. It's brighter than it looks in this picture.

Closeup on the eye.
I was wearing a Little Black Dress with this, so the bright makeup shades helped me not look washed out.
Still waiting for a bit more color to my skin. The summer and triathlon workouts at Zuma Beach will take care of that!
How I look biking to work, except with a helmet and gloves
  • My folks were in Amsterdam and bought me this amazing Assos jersey. Each panel is a different kind of technical fabric, and it feels feather-light. So so pretty! 
  • My knickers are Giordana--my most comfortable yet. Expensive bike wear really is much nicer, especially if you ride a lot, and comfort become key! 
  • I wear a headsweat under my helmet for comfort and wicking the sweat away from my head.  Speaking of that, turns out a little sweat is one of the best hair styling products ever!
  • I wear a Road ID with all my key info on my ankle, just in case.
  • My shoes are Louis Garneau with 3 velcro straps on each, for easy in and out. For the chamois, I recommend Hoo-Hah Ride Glide for women. Cyclists will know why!
 Would you ever ride a bike to work? Has it been way too long since you had that "Whee!" feeling? There are other ways to get that, of course, but riding a bike is a reliable and healthy one! It still feels like it did when you were a kid!

Happy Bike to Work Month! Ride safe--and pretty--out there, Ladies!


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