Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Quick Bike to Work look

Some days when you bike to work it goes a bit pear-shaped.

Yesterday it was Monday, I was a bit behind, and my hair as I blew it dry in my office with the door shut, just refused to come together.

I guess the same thing could happen on any day, but it's particularly stressful when my office is doubling as my dressing room/vanity area, and I can hear folks outside starting to get about their day.

Anyway, my weapon of choice makeup-wise was still the NYX nude on nude palette, but I did a simple brown tone all over my eyelid up to the crease and faded it toward the brow bone with a touch of highlight color. This is the deep brown that has a bit of golden sparkles in it. The basic shape is a 20s style dark pool eyelid, which is kind of the Jazz Age gramma of today's Smokey Eye.

Finished it out with some mascara and black eye pencil, and a pink lip. To add some summer feeling, I went a bit heavier on the bronzer/contour.

I have to say, I'm really liking the way my brows look when I use a taupey brown eye shadow with an angled brush instead of a pencil, or the whole wax, stencil and two tones Anastasia thing. The stencil and wax thing does have its place, but I've learned I like free-handing the brows. It's more artsy, and I am a designer. If you don't feel as comfortable doing that, then try that Anastasia Brow Express kit. It really is wonderful to have the stencil helping you find that nice Liz Taylor sculpted brow shape.

Just bought this pink sleeveless dress from Title 9. Love the breezy summer shape and the pretty hot pink color. The material is so cottony soft.

Cheers! Hope some of you are biking to work this month. It's good for you, and for the earth, and for the air.

BTW, my biking has me a little over a pound away from my Weight Watchers goal weight. How 'bout that?

Cheers, all!


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