Saturday, May 12, 2012

Pink Manicure of the Week

I love vivid nails, and since I'm committed to only pink while the Giro d'Italia is on (the Tour of Italy, a bike race like the Tour de France, but in Italy, so even prettier to watch, if that's possible), I'm psyched I found such wonderfully bright colors that harmonize and pink it up together!

Pink nails can be conventional, but this combo is not!

Here is Julep's Portia layered over OPI's La Paz-Itively Hot. I'm holding my new bike-riding sunglasses by Smith in ice blue. I love blue. I love shiny things.

Julep's Portia is a pale cyan blue jelly with small flecks of multi-colored glitter.

From Julep Maven April Box: From Left, Penelope and Portia. See that pretty glitter?

OPI's La Paz-Itively Hot is a hot flamingo pink with a blue-purple irridescence.

The Julep glitter jelly made the blue sheen of the OPI even bluer. Together they make me think of the tropics. Rio as the sun goes down just before Carnival. The hot pink is a great 50s shade, but it gets a little 70s disco gleam with that blue-violet sheen. The glitter takes it up into the stratosphere.


What's your favorite pink nail look? Comment and let me know which pink shades you rock.


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