Thursday, May 10, 2012

Eye Look: Warm and Cool Neutrals Mixed Together

Unii Palette in Turquoise, Clockwise from Top left: Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick in Rose, Sephora Trio in Blues, Pixi Pans, Round Lancome Quad, Revlon 16-Hour Palette in Siren, L'Oreal HIP in Striking
My skin undertown is neutral--pink cheeks, warmish tones in the skin,
so I can use both warm and cool colors on my face.
My Outfit: Target Pencil Skirt, Save the Queen Shirt bought in Positano, Italy, Violet Scarf,
Sandals with a black denim ankle detail. Can I go back to Italy? How about right now, please!
And here's why you turn off that flash when using a mirror! Doh!
My Unii Cosmetics palettes are so awesome! I love being able to put exactly the pans I want into the palette and the mirror is so big. Very useful. As you can see in the top pic, I've put a variety into this turquoise one. The bright yellow is the only one that couldn't be called a neutral.

But such a variety of neutrals! I bought the Revlon Siren palette  because I loved the way each gray varied not only in value (darkness or lightness) but warm or cool. The lightest gray has a touch of green-blue. The next darker shade has subtle red and green shimmer (crazy, right, but look at that first picture and see if I'm wrong). The next darker one has lots of lavender.
For this eye I used the Lancome rose gold on the lid to the crease,
and then put that medium gray with the lavender shimmer into the crease,
and finished it off with the Sephora white from the blue trio.
This white has a smattering of bright tiny white glitter in there, above the very soft pearly multicolored shimmery white.
It's not quite what you expect, and I love that!
Lips: Revlon Colorburst Lip Butter in Sweet Tart, neutralized by Pink Truffle.
A warm pink balanced out by a cool brown-based pink.
NYX "butt" naked palette cheeks. I know, I use this like every day when I'm doing the makeup at home.
But I do that because it's awesome!!! This is my favorite contour, bar none. It's a perfect shade.
  • Using warm and cool neutrals on eyes adds a bit of interest, and gives you another way to make things project or recede. Warm pops forward, and cool recedes. Thus endeth the art lesson. But seriously, if you've taken basic art class, the knowledge really does translate very well into makeup!
  • Mixing two lipsticks is a great thing to do to fine tune your lip. Here I was going for pink, but I wanted the lip to balance the eye, not upstage it, as I would if I was going for one of those Mad Men looks I did a few weeks back with the Revlon classic shades. Sweet Tart is a pretty bright shade. Pink Truffle was too subtle. Together, they were just right! So mixing warm and cool on the lips can get you just where you want to be.

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