Monday, May 21, 2012

Face Chart Favorite: Smokey Gray-Brown lids, Soft Pink Lips

Face Chart: Gray Eyes; Pink Lips
My last weeks favorite face was also its simplest and quickest.  A bike to work face with a cool medium gray lid, a soft pink lip, the usual Cinema Secrets nude peach blush and Aveda bronzer. NYX nude on nude palette was the source of the eye shadow and the lip. Mascara was the Great Lash Waterproof stuff in black.

This was the face on me.
Needed a bit more concealer between tear duct and bridge of nose, but oh, well.
So why is this a favorite? It's a bit dramatic, and it's still a day look. Who doesn't have a bit of drama in their day? But this is the kind I like. The kind that brings out the golden tones in my eyes, rather than the red veins and the cray-cray.

NYX nude on nude palette.
Eyelids: Top Row, 3rd and 4th from Right
Lips: 4th from Left

From a 3/4 angle you can see the shape of the eye. Looks more winged out than I realized.
Strong and balances out the strong color of this dress.
And to think, on the day, I thought this one didn't come together.

What's your favorite daytime look? How dramatic do you feel comfortable getting under daylight and office light?

Let me know, and share what works for you in the space below!

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