Saturday, May 19, 2012

Swatch Saturday: Naked Cosmetics Harvest Moon Collection

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So I'm starting a series here on the BeautyJones: Swatch Saturdays

Other folks do this series, but I thought it would be a great exercise, since I had yet to swatch anything for you, my dear readers.

Turns out it takes practice and a lot of skill.  Had to do it once, and start all over again and then, wouldn'tcha know it, it's kinda overcast here in Lovely LAlaland, which never happens. But enough of my trials and tribulations, here's the star of our show...

Naked Cosmetics Harvest Moon Collection
Naked Cosmetics!!! 
Naked Cosmetics Gorgeous Display at The Makeup Show LA.
Harvest Moon is the third row from the bottom.
I bought this gorgeous stack of loose pigments at @TheMakeupShowLA, which is a wonderland, as I believe I have mentioned once or twice. @pursebuzz was there doing a talk about brushes with Crown Brushes, and she said these pigments were her favorites. Now, drumroll please, the swatches!

Inside in Low Light, but then adjusted by magic iPhoto pixies
This shot shows the basic colors pretty well. The upper row is on bare skin, and the lower row is on Urban Decay Primer Potion.

DUO CHROMES! How I love them. These have so many shades and change so nicely in the light. They are hypnotic. They go with my eyes, which means I now need to do a look using only these.

So here's a grid below. Naked Cosmetics so needs to name each shade. They must have spent tons of hours making these pigments gorgeous.  Just a few more hours, and, voila, some nice memorable names. Here are mine. They aren't necessarily the most awesome, but I would remember these. Maybe you would too!

Cheers, and Happy Saturday, Dear Readers!

Let me know if you like this format, and just let me know what you're thinking about, in the comments below.


Naked Cosmetics Harvest Moon
Colors Description The Name it Needs But Doesn't Have
01 Duo chrome: White with Peach, Pink, and Pale Gold Iridescence Mothkiss
Colors Description
02 Duo chrome: Orange with Pink and Gold Iridescence Barbie's Bender
Colors Description
03 Duo chrome: Yelow with Green and Gold Iridescence Lemon Mint
Colors Description
04 Duo chrome: Grass Green with Orange and Gold Iridescence Dragonfly
Colors Description
05 Duo chrome: Antique Gold with Green and Yellow-Gold Iridescence Gramma's Julep
Colors Description
06 Duochrome: Brown with Teal and Pale Gold Iridescence Chocolate Opal

Harvest Moon Collection: Inside with Flash
Look how the flash loves to light up these little beauties!
Naked Cosmetics Harvest Moon Collection Outside with Elusive Sunshine
Look at all the freckles on my arm!
Naked Cosmetics Harvest Moon Collection Inside with Ambient Morning Light.
Isn't it crazy that the two photos above are of the same products? Love that changeable duo chrome color!

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