Friday, May 25, 2012

smashbox Photo Op Mega Palette:

I love color, but some days, neutrals totally rock!
Smashbox Photo Op Auto Focus Eye Shadow Trio

With this mauvey-rose colored top, a neutral eye, and some pink blush and a soft pink lip
No one loves bright pretty colors more than me, but with a monochromatic look based on neutrals  you can achieve such subtle effects.

This makeup look uses browns and tans flushed with pink, so even the slightest hint of a brighter shade, like the posy-pink blush, and the poppy-pink lip, really jumps out. Just a bit of contrast in color becomes a bit dramatic, especially on a look meant for daytime.
I love this mauve top. I got it down at the Terranea Resort, where they sell really beautiful yoga wear.
These flat cultured pearls are a peachy-cream color, with shades of turquoise and green in the light—those subtle shades are more visible because of the monochromatic look.
The Products: This look is almost completely out of the smashbox Photo Op Megapalette:

Cheeks: Posy Pink

Lips: Bitten gloss


Photo Op Auto Focus:
  • Champagne: A shimmery cream, all over lid from lash line to brow bone
  • Flamingo: Not well named, sorry, smashbox. Anything named 'Flamingo' ought to be bright peachy pink. This is a more conventional shimmery peach with some rose tones. I do really like this shade.  I just have this OCD issue about naming things. I put this on the lid up to the crease
  • Java: A matte deep brown. This should not blend as easily as it does. Matte shades are notoriously hard to blend.  Not this little beauty. I put this along the lash line, and in a soft wedge on outer lid blended up into the crease. Seriously, the ease of blending saves so much time and stress. Did I mention I am in love with this palette?
  • Midnight Brown cream eyeliner, from Photo Op Mega Palette.  I just washed this out of my bdellium angled eyeliner brush, and it is so darned pigmented. Getting it out took some doing. But I don't mind. That pigmentation means you can do a brown rather than black, and keep the look soft but still strong.
  • Smashbox Full Exposure Mascara in jet black. In terms of control, lack of clumping, and coverage, this is still the best mascara I've ever owned.
Here are some money shots of the palette:

Auto Focus is in the center. Now would you call that center shade 'Flamingo?' Way too subtle for that.
I"d call it Bermuda Sand.
So, Happy Friday before a 3-day weekend, every body!

I hope this post was fun and interesting, and gives you some ideas for your own daily face. Drop me a line, let me know what you think.

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Have a great day, and if you are in L.A. like I am, be careful in the rain!