Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Julep Maven May 2012 American Beauty

May's was my second Julep Maven shipment, and I have to say, I like each one of these more and more.  This one included a cute bag, and Kylie, a magnetic polish.  Ellie is the other polish, which is a very nice sheer pink iridescent shade that I look forward to using as a top coat. The magnet works well, although it took me one fail on my thumb to figure out how to do it. My best tip is to look at your nail from the side as it dries, and then hold the magnet as close as you can without touching to the widest flattest surface of your nail.

My Julep May 2012 shipment
 I'm not saying my manicure skills are the greatest.  This job could definitely use some work with a small brush and some nail polish remover to clean up.  Learning on the job, me. :)

But I wanted you guys to be able to see how nice this Julep collection is. I think it's worth the money.  Here are the photos.

The stitching of the logo is cute. It's faux stitching, but I like.

Pretty useful looking pedi tool.

Useful pockets in the bag, too!

I like both colors a lot! That's the magnet, lower right.

I am at the lower slope of my manicure learning curve. I'll work on it!

Inside, lit, with flash
 So what do you think? Which subscription services do you get, and how do you like them?

Drop me a line below, and let me know what's on your mind.

Happy first day of a 4-day week!


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